A beautiful and attractive trek that gives you the opportunity to visit famous monasteries of Ladakh and see through rich flora and fauna of the region.

Duration: 6-7 Days

Places Covered: Lamayuru, Wanla, Ursi, Tar, Mangyu, Alchi


Most beautiful and adventurous trek that nothing but a sheer joy for adventure lovers. The trek passes through many high mountain passes offering panoramic view of the Zanskar Range.

Duration: 11 Days

Places Covered: Lamayuru, Wanla, Hanupata, Photoksar, Lingshed, Hanamur, Padum


A trek to craft memories for a lifetime as this covers walking through snow capped mountains that offers picturesque delight to those who test their stamina against nature.

Duration: 9 Days

Places Covered: Lamayuru, Wanla, Hinju, Chilling, Shingo, Stok

Markha Valley

Ladakh's Markha Valley Trek is one of those life-impacting experiences. This is a pictorial trip in the Himalayans that is in fact an extension of the Tibetan plateau and Tibetan Buddhism.

Duration: 11 Days

Places Covered: Spituk, Jingchan, Rumbak, Shingo, Skiu, Markha, Hemis


An 8 day trek with a high point of 5016 meters, take you to a magnificent journey worth every minute. Walk through high mountain passes and take home beautiful memories.

Duration: 8 Days

Places Covered: Leh, Rumtse, Kyamar, Nuruchan, Gyamalhoma, Korzok


One of the easiest trek for those willing to experience trekking without much effort. The trek offers spectacular views on mountain and flora and fauna of the Himalayan region.

Duration: 3 Days

Places Covered: Leh, Zingchen, Spituk, Rumbak, Stok

Zinchen to Chilling Trek (Home stay)

This trek is moderate starts by walking towards Rumbak. After sometime, by leaving Zinchen village, you enter Hemis National Park, Habitat of Snow leopard, and Mountain Ungulate.

Duration: 4 Days

Places Covered: Leh, Zingchen, Rumbak, Kaya, Chilling

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